Dream: Middle Eastern Vacation???

Gabe Neves
3 min readDec 24, 2023

I got the impression I was in the Middle East, somewhere where there’s coastal cliffs. I was standing in this cove and I was looking out towards the ocean. In the distance you could see the beach stretch out into the horizon, parallel to shore, with highrise buildings in the distance.

This cove was interesting because it wasn’t like the waves kept crashing onto a beach, but it was more like it filled up with water till it was about 5 or 6 feet deep then it would empty out completely, and this would happen repeatedly. The cove was naturally enclosed with rocks about 50 or 60 yards out from where the water would meet the sand, and the beach’s width was maybe 200 or 300 yards.

Around me was a mixture of what looked to be young tourists and some locals. It was hot, the sun was beaming and the water was such a beautiful light blue color. When the cove would fill up, you could clearly see the bottom, even if you were floating in the deepest section of the cove.


This was a drastic transition. There was a feeling of desperation in stark contrast to the sensation of calm and harmony that I felt in the first scene.

It seemed like we were on the same beach, but I could no longer see that cove. I was facing directly out towards the ocean, wearing some kind of life vest with equipment straps and compartments.

I wasn’t alone either, I was with two others. I don’t remember their faces at all, they were just figures to me. It felt like we were escaping from something, like we were fugitives or something. One of these two others seemed like some kind of coyote who was giving us directions and trying to help us escape.

Apparently he was telling us we were gonna have to prepare for a long swim across this stretch of ocean to a mountainous island he pointed to out in the distance. When he mentioned it I could just make out the outline of the island itself, and I remember being submissive to the idea despite the fact that it was downright ridiculous.

Dude that island couldn’t have been less than 50 miles away so I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking.


By this time we were in the water about 200 yards from shore.

The coyote was talking to the other guy as the three of us were floating/swimming. I couldn’t even make out the specific words that were being said, but just by the tone of the conversation, it seemed like the coyote was expressing how difficult of a task this would be.

At that point I said fuck it, didn’t even verbalize my decision to bail, turned back around and started swimming back towards shore.

As I was swimming back I could see that there was a whole bunch of people in the water enjoying the ocean as the last light of the sun that had set a while ago creeped away towards my left. It was almost like what we were doing had no significance and everyone was just minding their own business.

As I got closer to the shore, I’d say I was about 60 yards away at this point, I felt a wave beginning to rise. The people in front of me floating in the water became more clear, but I decided to just ride the momentum of this wave to get myself back to shore.

I paddled hard, felt myself rise to the top of the face of this 8 foot behemoth, stretched out my right arm and dropped into it. I was moving with such speed, dodging and weaving through this crowd of people in the ocean as I got closer and closer to shore. The energy and exhilaration was so real and it made me feel alive, I laughed and hollered the whole way.

I don’t know what I was escaping, but I found my way back.



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