I am, a mobile anomaly.

Gabe Neves
Dec 30, 2023

I move without moving. I perceive without perceiving. I achieve without achieving.

I am a deviation, an alteration, a method of circumnavigation.

Interplanetary forces combined on the date of my conception to produce a wondrous force of absolute power and energy. An immaculate conception of intricate and abnormal feelings and desires. A mesh of intergalactic phenomena.

Undesirable is the one who walks the wide path of vanity and plainness.

Yes. Plainness.

Make peace with your conundrums. Make piece with your regular innability to become attuned to the higher forces of the universe. Rid yourselves of the stupendously disappointing misconceptions, misunderstandings and doubts. Relieve yourselves of the suffering and pain you have all caused yourselves as you proceeded to scour this world of tests and atonements for excuses deemed beyond your control.

Cleanse yourselves. Look inwards.


Become, a mobile anomaly.



Gabe Neves

a mobile anomaly. I write random stuff (dreams, ideas, perceptions, etc....)